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Developing the future together

Every new project marks the beginning of a thrilling time during which we work together with you to pave the way for intelligent and trail-blazing solutions.

Cutting edge technology is not enough to meet customer requirements in automation. This also requires a tremendous degree of experience and know-how. We at MKE additionally offer new ideas, absolute precision in implementation, and last not least a highly committed team of experts, working hand in hand, for whom competence in counselling and customer focus are not just empty phrases.

You are part of the team

Right from the very beginning, each stage of work will be carefully planned and discussed with you in detail: You will let us know your specific wishes and requirements. This is the starting point for us to develop a sound basic concept as a solid basis for planning, design, manufacture, assembly, programming, and for our full service to provide you with the optimum solution, a machine for automating complex processes, custom-tailored to meet your individual needs, fit for the future.

The 10 steps of our services at a glance:

We are committed to achieving the optimum result from planning to commissioning, and even beyond.

Step 1:
Counselling, defining goals, establishing specific project requirements

Step 2:
Drawing up a basic concept

Step 3:
Mechanical and electrical design by our competent experts

Step 4:
Mechanical and electrical manufacture in our own plant

Step 5:
Step-by-step assembly of the machine (component by component, sub-assembly by sub-assembly)

Step 6:
Initial start-up and detail optimisation

Step 7:
Test run at MKE, factory acceptance test (FAT)

Step 8:
Delivery and installation of the machine

Step 9:
Commissioning, site acceptance test (SAT)

Step 10:
Optional production monitoring, service, and maintenance agreement