The history of our company

From success to success

On the road of success since 1980

Innovative power, flexibility, high quality awareness, and decision making with a vision are the hallmarks of the history of MKE. Established in 1980, we have consistently pursued the road to success since the very beginning. The foundations, however, were laid about a century earlier.

MKE means 100 years of experience and know-how. As early as 1881 a major enterprise in Heidenreichstein earned itself a prestigious name with metal and leather processing. Although in the course of time owners have changed, all of them had one goal in common: they built on the engineering competence and experience of their predecessors, and with innovative power and vision took the right steps on the road to success. Time and again the product range was replaced or supplemented and enriched with new products and services to meet shifting market requirements. We at MKE too have always relied on this successful tradition. Whereas in the past our production focussed on top-of-the-range lighters we have now become providers of a full range of products and services in the field of metal and plastics processing which leave nothing to be desired.

The success story at a glance:

1881 Heidenreichstein is the home of one of the largest metal and leather processing companies in Austria.
1957 Eisert is taken over by an Anglo-American team.
The product range is changed while the company name is retained.
The company rises to become one of the major manufacturers of gas lighters in Europe.
1980 MKE is established: The company is formed as the successor of the renowned lighter factory Eisert.
The company is a successful contract manufacturer developing and manufacturing high quality lighters and accessories for top customers (Cartier, Yves Saint Laurent, Porsche Design) with a focus on CNC machining and precision mechanics
1983 Start of production of heavy-duty valves and fittings (hydrants).
1988 Expansion of the product range now comprising control valves (flap- and ball valves).
1989 MKE is taken over by Haas Vermögens- und Beteiligungs AG.
Development and manufacture of long-reach lighters (Rowenta) and luxury pens (Chaumet Paris)
1990 Our plant is expanded by adding a large production bay (1.200m²) for heavy-duty fittings and plant construction.
1994 Manufacture of disposable lighters is discontinued.
1997 The first banknote peripheral system is built in cooperation with Festo-Cybernetic.
2002 Our plant is expanded by adding a new valve production bay (600 m²).
Start of production of automatic short-bar loaders for CNC-lathes.
2004 The electrohydraulic railway point machine AH950 by MKE sets new standards by its cutting-edge technology.
2007 One of the currently most advanced electroplating plants is built focussing on hard chrome plating of back plates in the new production bay (700 m²).
2009 Expansion of our plant by adding a 300m²-production bay for pressure reducing valves.
2010 Developing and patenting of a drinking hydrant, a combination of drinking water fountain and hydrant.